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Solar Bubble Pool Blankets – Equestria Pretoria. We sell and install Safety Nets, Solar Blankets, Pool Leaf Nets, Pool Covers and Pole Pool Covers. Our solar blankets heat the pool water by absorbing sunlight that heats the blanket. The more sunlight the pool gets the faster the pool will heat. On average, with full sun you can expect about between 5-7 degree increase. So you get the heating during the day (the solar part) and you get the thermal protection at night (the blanket part). A solar cover will nearly eliminate evaporation, reduce your energy and chemical consumption, and act as a barrier against leaves and debris.

Solar blankets are essentially extruded polyethylene film. They are an upgraded version of the packing bubble that kids love to pop. Solar blankets provide two important benefits: evaporation control and passive solar heating.
Nets4pools installations can be found all over Gauteng and other areas.
We are proud to provide personal service, uncompromising quality, competitive pricing and unbeatable value for money!
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Solar Bubble Pool Blankets Advantages:

  1. Cuts evaporation by up to 90%
  2. Cuts Heating Costs by 70% or more
  3. Keeps pool cleaner
  4. Save on chemicals and energy
    Installation only takes a few minutes

Solar Blankets – heat the pool water by absorbing sunlight that heats the blanket.
Safety Nets – child swimming pool safety and drowning prevention.
Pool Leaf Nets – not considered a “safety” cover unless it is installed over a pool safety net. Allows rainwater to easily pass through, while filtering out leaves and debris.
Pool Covers (hook on pool covers & pole pool covers) – keeps dirt and debris out of pool. Allows no sunlight through, preventing almost no growth of algae.

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