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Puppet Making Workshops. Simple puppet making workshops for kids, and also other creative workshops they will enjoy. It will stimulate their creativity. Making toys from scratch, using coke bottles and left over boxes. Amazing and creative! Puppet making and other workshops for adults as well.

Puppet Shows at Kids Birthday Parties: Different styles of puppetry are used. The famous story of “The Little Prince” is Tabletop Puppets, and suitable for all ages. There is also String Puppets and Muppets. It is important that you will give us the age group of your party so that we can adjust the method of storytelling and use of puppets accordingly!

Puppet Making Workshops:

Finger Puppets with different characteristics – colourful, fun and easy to make – and every child walks away with a little finger character to entertain the whole family.
Hand Puppets are another form entertainment. You can have your own hand puppet. And while you make your own puppet, I will teach you how to manipulate and tell stories.
Muppet Making Workshops for Pre-Schools & Churches – I also help you to create your own Muppet (Mouth Puppet), patterns and skills to do it on your own, and also guidelines to draw you own patterns in future to create your own unique character. These Workshops are over weekends.
Rod Puppets – have you seen the magic of Rod Puppets used in BIG shows like the “WAR Horse”…! You can have your own maigical rod puppets and make mystical stories…. just sign up for a Rod Puppet Workshop!
String Puppet Making Workshops for Kids – always wanted to have your own Marionette? Make that dream come true! I will teach you the skill!
Storytelling – You can tell any story, and mezmerize your audience! I will teach you the elements of a good story …. and off you go with your own magic!
Venue: Gauteng
Time: Monday to Sunday
Age: From 3 years to 12 years old

Puppet Shows for Kids Parties:

  • We can adjust the themes of our shows to suit your party theme if you let us know in advance….
  • The Singing Chameleon – We all have a place in this world
  • Rainbow Pumpkin – You are special
  • The Little Prince – I must love everyone around me
  • Donkey finds Happiness – To help others
  • Babbling Baboon finds a Friend – On making friends
  • Babbling Baboon wants to Fly – I can do anything if I try hard enough
  • Babbling Baboon and the Ants – Two is better than one
  • Babbling Baboon & Hippo – I don’t care how you look like…
  • Babbling Baboon saves the Fish – We all have a special function
  • The Slimy Green Worm – Patience will help everything work out

Puppet Making Workshops Contact Details:

Contact Person:
Noeline or Swannie

011 768 1915

072 476 6661, 072 187 0259



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