Organized Living

Organized Living is an Online Store and supplier of organizing and storage products for your home. This product range include good quality, practical and well–priced organising items to help save you time, money and space. Organized Living is based in Pretoria, and offers countrywide delivery options. For more information contact Germaine Ross or email to for the latest brochures and specials.

Organized Living Products:

  • Car Organizer for Kids – machine washable, practical organiser to take to the shops or restaurants, with easy to reach pockets, ideal for nappies, bottles and crayons.
  • Crayola Placemat – for kids to use at home or on the go.
  • Girls Weekly – fun way to teach your kids to be organized.
  • My School Years – 15 sections for Grade 000 to Grade 12, with 6 pages per year, including a pocket to store certificates, reports, etc.
  • Stuffoff – 100% South African product to remove sticky stuff such as stickers, labels, plasters, old Prestic, wax & wax crayons, ink, oil-based paint, smudged lipstick, chewing gum, grease, tar, etc.
  • 3-Tier – optimize your cupboard space and organize your cans, jars, spices, locally produced (33cm W X 25cm D X 10 cm L.
  • Bag-In Medium & Large – light-weight, durable nylon bag in size medium or large, to switch from one handbag to another.
  • Bella Laptop Bag – elegant laptop bag made from nylon and leatherette.
  • Bra Organizer – set of 3.
  • Drawer Shoebox – stackable containers for shoes, crafts, kids stuff, office or bathroom (30 X 18.5 X 10 cm / set of 5).
  • Gift Wrap Organizer – hanging organiser with back and front compartments for bows, cards, ribbon, scissors, tissue and gift bags.
  • Hanging Jewellery Organiser (89 X 46 cm) – space saving, 80 transparent pockets, quality canvas with two sizes of clear vinyl pockets.
  • Tidy Nellie – (52 X 32 cm) must be mounted, with rotating arms for easy access to your jewellery.
  • Jocks & Socks Box – clear plastic boxes to organise socks, underwear, toiletries, soup and sauce packages, stationary (30 X 15 X 7.5h cm, set of 2).
  • Picnic Basket – sturdy and lightweight, folds up for easy storage (45 X 25 X 25 cm).
  • Remote Control Holder – leatherette holder for all your remote controls (20 x 15 x 15 cm).
  • Shelf Divider – set of 4 dividers (20 X 20 cm), ideal for linens, sweaters and t-shirts, bookracks and holding files upright.
  • Space Saving Hangar – set of 2, hangs a maximum of 10 thin or 5 thick garments per unit up to 15kg.
  • Other Products – Handbag Hook, Hot Iron Case, Ideal Drawers, Laundry Folder, Letter Holder, Lingerie Organiser, Lunch Tote, Men’s Shoeboxes, Normal Boot Box, Scrapbooking Craft Caddy, Sophia Laptop Bag, Undershelf Basket.

Organized Living Contact Details:

Contact Person: Germaine Ross


Mobile: 082 883 2538

Fax: 086 655 0069


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