Opti Baby Stimulation Centre

Opti Baby and Kids - Stimulation Centre - Pretoria

Opti-Baby Stimulation Centre is a high quality day care facility, with schools in Pretoria and Johannesburg. These stimulation centres provide top quality day-care services for babies from birth up to five years old. Opti Baby and Kids Stimulation Centres – wonderful, secure, and convenient. The Opti-Baby Centres offer parents total peace of mind. We provide a combination of world class early childhood development program (ECD) integrated into each day, from 7:00 am to 5:30pm.

Opti Baby Stimulation Centre Information:

  • A Day Care Centre with superior qualities.
  • Plenty of outdoor space in a safe, quiet environment, where children can play, grow, learn and love.
  • Secure – 24/7 live video streaming.
  • High care giver / child ratio.
  • Cutting edge ECD: based on cutting edge child stimulation practices, toys, tools, and well-trained staff.
  • Convenient: typically located en-route to major commercial centres.
  • Balanced Environment: where you as Parent have parental satisfaction, combined with and above all, happy and content children.

Baby Stimulation Program:

  • Your baby’s first discoveries are safely nurtured in our exceptional infant program.
  • We guide your baby’s early experiences towards a lifelong love of learning.
  • Right amount of stimulation: Our infant care play area is filled with toys and books that help your baby develop at his or her own pace.
  • First learning skills: Facilitators sing songs and read stories to encourage language acquisition. They also pass balls and play games to develop motor skills.
  • Early communication: language development is very important during an infant’s first years.
  • First Steps transition: In our Baby room, we assist children’s transition from infant to toddler as they learn new vocabulary and self-help skills.
  • Our nursery is designed to create a warm and secure environment for your little one. From the peaceful sleeping area to the stimulation area where babies are held and fed, your child is in a very special place at Opti-Baby.

Toddlers Stimulation Program:

  • Step by step, your child will make great developmental strides in our toddler program.
  • From first steps to potty-training: facilitators in the toddler to 5 year classes provide support for your child’s progress in a fun and active learning environment.
  • Teachers plan daily activities in a bright and cheery child care environment.
  • Within the consistent structure, your child will enjoy our daily balance of activities, music and movement and plenty of outdoor climbing, running and jumping.
  • Toddlers need discovery opportunities and therefore stimulation areas are always open for your child’s imaginary play with blocks, puzzles, creative arts and books.
  • We emphasize social growth each day through stories and songs which develop the toddler’s language skills.
  • Developmentally appropriate behaviour are encouraged: Opti-Baby facilitators guide your toddler through activities that strengthen gross motor skills, such as using balance beams and standing on tip-toes; and fine motor skills through crayon and marker use.
  • Potty-training: although children potty-train at their own pace, you and your child’s teacher work together to provide the best environment for success.
  • Instilling confidence: your child will gain confidence by discovering the answers to a toddler’s favourite questions: “Why?” and “Where?”
  • Self-help skills are encouraged through opportunities to practice life skills like hand washing, picking up toys and sharing with friends; all in a safe and nurturing childcare setting.

Opti Baby Stimulation Centre – Head Office Contact Details:

Tel: 012 342 1060 / 012 342 9594

Email: info@opti-baby.co.za

Website: www.optibabykids.co.za/


Brooklyn – 012 460 1164
Eldoraigne – 012 654 8502
Equestria – 079 505 9980
Highveld – 012 665 5290
Moreleta – 012 993 4406

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