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My Labels School Labels. Our labels are waterproof, scratchproof and dishwasher safe. They are perfect for lunch boxes, drink bottles, Ipads, kids books, toys, stationary, sporting goods, tools and more. You will never lose you stuff again!! Each label pack can have one name and one font. Your order will be complete within 7 working days, excluding delivery time.

My Labels School Labels:

  • Multi-Purpose Small
  • Multi-Purpose Large
  • Iron-On’s Small
  • Iron-On’s Large
  • Shoe Labels

How to Apply Your Label:
Make sure the surface is Clean, Dry and not Greasy, due to different shapes of pen or pencil additional clear labels will be provided to wrap around for extra protection and durability (for pen, pencil and crayon only).
Peel you label from backing, apply to surface with a good amount of pressure make sure the edges are sealed and there are no air bubbles
For best results allow a couples of days before putting in dishwasher.
For Iron on labels, place a piece of Grease proof paper or thin cloth over label, place a hot dry iron (no steam) on the label, press down firmly for 10-15 seconds. DO NOT MOVE THE IRON. Allow to cool and remove paper or cloth, check the label has adheared to the fabric, especially around the edges.

Registered Mail:
Receive a tracking number
Need to be collected by you from your closest post office counter
3 – 8 Working days in the postal system
Parcels can be tracked by logging onto the South Africa Post Office: or phoning 0860 111 502
Door to Door Courier:
Parcels will be delivered to your door (Home or Office)
Receive a tracking number
Orders will take up to 4 days from dispatch
Please supply an address where someone is available all day as delivery times cannot be arranged with the courier.
Standard Mail:
Free of Charge
No tracking number
Rely purely on the postal service
Takes up to 3 weeks

My Labels School Labels Contact Details:



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